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New building in Winterthur



09/2021 Demolition party

We said a fitting farewell to our old soap factory at a “demolition party”. There was spraying and hammering in the old halls into the night. Every employee was allowed to take a brick from the wall as a memento.

09/2021, The Flying Classroom

While Erich Kästner had The Flying Classroom (school novel from 1933), we had flying portable office and meeting cabins, which soared over the roofs of Steinfels Swiss on 17 September. The portable cabins were moved to a temporary location to gain enough space for the construction site installation. This was an amazing sight for everyone watching, who experienced the impressive skills of the crane operator live.


Steinfels Swiss is building a second factory at the site in Winterthur, Switzerland

(Article from Der Landbote, 7.7.2021, in German)

(Article from Der Landbote, 7.7.2021, in German)


Yesterday – today – tomorrow

11/2020, the villa has to make way:

Back in late autumn 2020, the first construction measures indicating a building project at Steinfels Swiss were evident. The “old” villa had to go (unfortunately without a farewell ceremony due to coronavirus), making way for the construction site installations and the future car park in front of the new building.