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Protecting our environment is one of the most important concerns facing us today.

Environmental issues are therefore also a challenge for Steinfels Swiss. We focus our efforts on the following areas:

  • We recognize environmentally-friendly development and production of ecological cleaning agents and natural cosmetics as a business opportunity and actively pursue it.

  • We support our customers in their commitment to eco-friendly products.

  • We give preference to suppliers who pay close attention to sustainable production and who can demonstrate that they are making the necessary efforts in this field.

  • We support our customers in their sustainable behaviour through our products.

  • We use new technologies for environmentally-friendly, energy-optimized solutions. We also keep waste to a minimum and dispose of it in an eco-friendly way.

  • We define annual sustainability goals that can be measured and checked, and communicate social responsibility aspects openly and effectively.

  • We respect the dignity of people and animals.

  • We are committed to effective and fair competition, do not engage in anti-competitive practices and reject any kind of corruption and bribery.

  • We provide our staff with modern working conditions within the framework of a collective employment contract, contemporary retirement concepts and attractive discounts.

  • We reward performance appropriately and are committed to training and career development.

  • We communicate environmental aspects openly and effectively and work together with authorities and stakeholder groups to find solutions.

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