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Steinfels Swiss is halal-certified!

HCS, the Halal Certification Service based in Switzerland, certifies companies in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products sectors with regard to halal compliance.
This certification by independent experts confirms that our production facility, processes, laboratory equipment, warehouse and packaging materials conform to the strict halal standards.

Quality as an ethical standard

The issuing of a certificate does not depend solely on a religious evaluation; ethical standards and in particular a high quality standard are also taken into account.
Furthermore, products may not constitute a risk for consumers’ health.
The halal certificate offers Steinfels Swiss access to the emerging halal markets and the security of compliance with the required standards. Muslim consumers therefore have secure access to halal products.



Halal is an Arabic term that means “permissible”; the opposite is haram.
Halal refers to everything that can be consumed or used in accordance with the tenets of Islam. The term denotes not only food and drinks but all areas of daily life.


Haram is an Arabic term that means “not allowed” or “forbidden”; the opposite is halal.
Haram refers to everything that does not conform to the rules and requirements of Islamic law. The concept refers to food and food ingredients, behaviours, resources and all areas of daily life.
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